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    Company Name  Saiga Co.Ltd
    Headquarters  2-5 Takasago Takaishi, Osaka Prefecture 592-0001 Japan
  TEL 072-268-1122  FAX 072-268-0565
    Kobe Branch  621-2 Minami, Kande-cho, Nishi-ku Kobe, Hyogo Prefecture
 651-2312 Japan
  TEL 078-965-3222  FAX 078-965-3202
    Nara Sales Office  672-15 Aitani-cho, Gojyo, Nara Prefecture 470-1102 Japan
  TEL 0747-26-0222    FAX 0747-26-0222
    Osaka Sales Office  2-1 Takasago Takaishi, Osaka Prefecture 591-0001 Japan
  JX Nippon Oil & Energy Corporation
  TEL 072-268-0332    FAX 072-268-1033
    Kaiduka Heavy
    Machinery Center
 332-1 Wakihama Kaidukashi Osaka Prefecture 597-0073 Japan
  TEL 0724-36-2200    FAX 0724-36-0016   
    Capital   \48,000,000
    Director   Kisaburo Saiga Representative Director
    Employees   124 ( 200 in Affiliated Companies)
    Businesses   Crane Leasing; Heavy Material Transportation/Installation
  Plant Assembly/Periodic Repair
  Private Vehicle Inspection
    Construction License
  Ministry of Land, Infrastructure and Transport license
  No.18150(Special -20)
  (Public Works, Earthworks, Building Works, Steel Construction)
  Ministry of Land, Infrastructure and Transport license
  No.18150(Generall -20)
  (Tubing, Machine Appliance Setting, Reinforcing)
    Industrial Waste
  Collection Transportation
  Osaka Prefectural License No.02700064690
  Hyogo Prefectural License No.02803064690
  (License also for Kyoto Prefecture, Wakayama prefecture,
  Nara Prefecture, Shiga Prefecture etc.)
    Vehicle Repair/
  (Standard/Small) National Designated Licence No.8728
    Private Vehicle
  (Vehicle Maintenance Designation)
  Kinki Designated License No.1578
  Freight Handling License No.56888
  (Land/Sea Freight)
    Residential Building/
  Governor of Osaka License No.53884
    Banking   Sumitomo Mitsui Bank; Kinki Osaka Bank
    Affiliated Companies Licenses  
     株式会社 JHT   General Area Transport
  Kinki Transport Bureau: Large Transportation License No.1478
     株式会社 山昌運輸   General Area Transport
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