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    May 1967  Established as a private business
    Sep. 1969  Kyoshin Heavy Machinery Ltd. established; Capital: 1 million yen
    Feb. 1971  Registration of the establishment of Kyoshin Heavy Machinery Ltd.
    Dec. 1974  Saiga Conveyor Machinery Co. Ltd established; Capital: 10 million yen
    Dec. 1977  Capital increased to 20 million yen
    Nov. 1978  Headquarters completed
 Site Area: 18, 294.79 m"
    Dec. 1981  Opening of Osaka sales office
    June 1988  Completion of and relocation to new headquarters
 Site area: 18, 294.79m"
 Building site area: Main office: 734.40m"
 Dormitory: 1, 285.13m"
 Gantry crane/enclosed refueling station
 Private vehicle inspection site
 vehicle maintenance facility area: 3, 401m"
    June 1990  Capital increased to 48 million yen
    June 1991  Opening of Kobe branch
    July 1998  Establishment of new company; transfer of sales rights
  Opening of Kanto branch
    Feb. 2001  Opening of Nagoya branch; Opening of Heavy Machinery Center
    Oct. 2003  Inauguration of Kisaburo Saiga as company president
    Aug. 2004  Opening of Kyushu sales office
    Sep. 2004  Opening of Nara sales office
    Jan. 2005  Opening of Shikoku sales office
    Jan. 2006  Company name changed to Saiga Co. Ltd
    Apr. 2006  Opening of Niigata sales office
    Mar. 2013  Opening of Sakai sales office
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