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  1. Safety and Hygiene Management Targets
     1. Human Disasters 「0」
        Elimination of all human disasters of both employees and third parties.
     2. Material Disasters 「0」
        Elimination of material disasters such as crane, truck or structural damage.   
     3. Mechanical Faults 「0」
        Elimination of faults or stoppages which are of a nuisance to our customers.
  Work Safety Management Targets
    (1) Safe Operations of Machinery   
           Elimination of accidents at installations
           Elimination of crane related accidents
           Elimination of accidents caused by turning of machinery
    (2) Safety whilst working
           Elimination of loading accidents
           Elimination of collisions
           Elimination of accidents which involve moving either left, right or backward
    (3) Work safety in company yards
           Elimination of human disasters caused by crashes, falls and flying debris
    (4) Elimination of Mechanical Faults
           Elimination of faults caused by faulty maintenance or incomplete inspections
           Elimination of accidents caused by improper assembly
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  2. Safety and Hygiene Action Plan
  (1)Disaster Prevention during Crane Operation
Common Goals
   1. Human Disasters      「0」
   2. Material Disasters     「0」
   3. Faulty Machinery      「0」
Safe Operations of Machinery
   Elimination of accidents at installations
   Elimination of crane related accidents
   Eliimination of accidents caused by turning of machinery
   ・ All workers are aware they represent Saiga
   ・ Ensuring that employees are educated on the shop floor of the observance of risk assessment Attendance
   ・ Check all employees clothes, safety harness, appearance and identification
   ・ Check any abnormalities or faults before crane operation
   ・ Check cleanliness of vehicle, signs, indicators and paint.
   ・ Individual safety checks
   ・ When idle, or idle for a brief period of time, make checks around the vehicle and progress of work・
    Keep up positive communication with other workers
 (2)Accident Prevention
Common Goals
   1. Human Accidents        「0」
   2. Material Accidents        「0」
Work Safety Goals
   Elimination of load-related accidents
   Elimination of collisions with other vehicles
   Elimination of Accidents whilst turning or reversing
 1. Elimination of load-related accidents
   ・Observance of loading regulations
   ・Ensuring of correct loading and tying down of loaded materials
   ・Check for secure loading before departure, every 100km and before arrivals
 2. Elimination of collisions
   ・Ensuring ample distance between vehicles
   ・Moderate use of speed, particularly around curbs and descents
 3. Elimination of accidents whilst turning and reversing
   ・Give priority to other vehicles, motorcycles and pedestrians when turning left
   ・Awareness of motorcycles in blind spots when making right turns
   ・Make checks of the circumference of the vehicle, or, where possible, ask for guidance when reversing
In General
   ・ Awareness that all work done with our vehicles carries the Saiga logo
   ・ Ensure safety checks before commencement of work
   ・ Maintenance and correct use of salutations, uniforms, driving posture and vehicles
   ・ Driving with highest priority for pedestrians at pedestrian crossings
   ・ Elimination of coercive driving
   ・ Driving with regard for the environment
   ・ Maintenance of responsible driving
   ・ Early use of signaling to alert other drivers
   ・ Taking care to avoid spillages and strict control of falling cargo
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 (3)Disaster prevention in company yards
Common Goals
   1. Human accidents      「0」
   2. Material accidents     「0」
   3. Faulty machinery      「0」
Company yard safety goals
   Elimination of accidents caused by crashes, falls and flying debris
 1. Work meeting procedures
     Clear designation of roles such as leader and signaler
     Ensure all members are clear on work content and procedures
     Ensure clear understanding of tool box meeting details before work commences
     Mutual check of tools and uniforms
 2. Strict observance of assembly and disassembly manuals
 3. Work site risk assessment, attendance at additional training sessions on assembly/disassembly procedure
 4. Elimination of careless and irresponsible work
 (4)Health/Physical Health Management
 1. Health Care
  @ Periodical health examinations aimed at early detection and prevention
  A Awareness of personal daily health, including eating a balanced diet, optimal rest and adequate exercise
 2. Heat Stroke Prevention
  @ Thorough understanding of heat stroke
  A Training of all newcomers to the work site
  B Use of break facilities during break times
  C Awareness of other employees
  D Immediate referral of any abnormalities of drinking water to other staff
 3. Swine Flu Measures
  @ Follow the basics of hand washing, gargling and mask wearing
  A Early examination of any abnormalities
  B Referral to main office at the onset
  C Strict observance of safety procedures at every work site
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