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 Implementation of the Safety and Hygiene Action Plan
 1. Correct Safety and Hygiene Practices
  Essential Points
All Areas   1. Always strive to work within the Management Philosophy and Management Policy
  2. Cultivate a corporate culture of Customer and Safety first
  3. Be proud to be a Saiga employee
                          Be responsible
  4. Work with the five oaths and regulations of all employees
  5. Promote the 5S`s and Salutations
  6. Always follow directives and put your heart and soul into your work
    Never do things by halves
  7. Raise safety awareness through mutual enlightenment
  8. Be aware of your physical and general health
Crane Operation   Safety checks upon commencement of work, cleanliness of vehicles and on-going training in risk assessment and understanding of work site rules and regulations
  Participation in tool box meetings
  Understanding of directions and repetition of directions
  Clear communication of progress and ensuring understanding of directives
  Checks during installation ( grounds,
  sheeting, outriggers and safety barriers)
  Proper lifting of weight when turning a vehicle (check proper lift, no persons are under cranes and clearance of obstacles)
  Correct procedure of assembly/disassembly
Transportation   Pre-departure vehicle checks Cleanliness of vehicles
  On-going training on arrival procedures
  Cargo safety checks
  (Tools, safety hat, correct loading of cargo)
  Ensure cargo is securely loaded
  Prevention of incorrectly loaded cargo
  Correct observance of traffic laws (speed, distance between vehicles, turning, reversing, changing lanes and negligent driving)
  Clear communication of progress and ensuring understanding of directives
  Safe parking (stopping and level parking)
  Economical and environmentally conscious driving and early signaling
Maintenance   Cleanliness and order of factory facilities
  Awareness of potential fire hazards
  Optimal ventilation of factory facilities
  Checks of all tools and machinery
  Observance of assembly/disassembly procedure
  Prevention of electrical accidents
Plant   Cleanliness and order of offices,
  Holding of tool box meetings and procedure confirmation
  Pre-work checks
  Observance of work place rules
  Wearing of safety gear in accordance with type of work carried out
 2. Safe Activity Promotion Plan
  (1) Promotion plan in accordance with monthly group meetings
       Promotion of the current months focal points on safety with reference
       to the aforementioned action plan and focal points from group meetings
       Group leaders present results of the previous month and this months measures at Joint Safety Committee meetings
       Concrete action plans for the practice of these focal points
  (2) Announcement from management of safety messages at the beginning of the month
  (3) Vocal and gestural confirmation
Operations Gestures and Voice
Crane Operation  Installation OK  Dismount vehicle upon completion of installation
 Check of outrigger aprons and sheeting
   Check setting of safety barriers
   Ensure correct attachement
   Confirm at 30cm height for 3 sec
   Repeat instructions of signal giver
   Ensure circumference of vehicle is free from
 obstacles prior to operation
Transportation/Driving   Cargo OK  Ensure loading and attachment of cargo is correct under regulations
 (most important)
   Ensure speed and distance from other vehicles are correct under regulation
   Check for pedestrians, motorcycles and cars
   Check signals, cars, vehicles and pedestrians to the front and cars
   Decrease speed whilst turning curbs
   Check for obstacles behind the vehicle
  (4) Safety Consciousness and Awareness
     Improve awareness of safety and hygiene through co-operation with educators and top level staff from other companies at Safety and Hygiene conventions
 3. Annual Schedule of Safety Events
Safety and Hygiene Management System
Safety and Hygiene Policy
 P Plan
 D Do
 C Check
 A Act
Fundamentals of Management System
Annual Events
Safety and Hygiene Committee
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