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 1. Productivity of Safety and Hygiene Committee
  (1)  Clarity of roles and responsibilities based on the establishment of the Safety and Hygiene Committee
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  (2) Emergency Communication set up
 2. Training   (click here for more information)
 3. Sharing of information
  (1) Ensuring content of meetings is followed up, clarity of objectives and recording of minutes
  (2) Group Leader/Group meetings
      Discussions focusing on worksite information and customers opinions/needs
      Open sharing of information to all members at group meetings
 4. Recording/Analysis
  (1) Accumulation, use and knowledge of aforementioned Customer Surveys
  (2) Clear classification of recorded accidents and near misses and prevention of such accidents together
      with improvements to the following years action plan
Circumstanes and Causes
 Driving  Traffic Accident  Human Accident  Example 
 Circumstance - Collision
 Cause - Failure to check rea
 (taking eyes of the road)
 Vehicles  Movement around factory yards  Accidents involving employees, employees from other companies and third parties
 Operations  Installation, Entering,
 Loading and Other
 Loss of materials such as vehicles, structures and loads
 Assembly/Disassembly    Likelihood of accident
 Factory yard operations    
  (3) Analysis/Recording of faulty machinery
      Maintenance, safety checks and use of assembly manuals
Safety and Hygiene Management System
Safety and Hygiene Policy
 P Plan
 D Do
 C Check
 A Act
Fundamentals of Management System
Annual Events
Safety and Hygiene Committee
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