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Training type Attendees/Time Contents
(1)Introductory Training of New Employees  New Employees/
 Upon entering company
 Company Profile/Office  Regulations/Pay/Management
 Philosophy/Management Policy/Annual
 Management  Policy/Management Action Plan  
 Safety and Hygiene Regulations
 Health Management
 Departmental work duties and work experience
(2)Follow Up Training  Second/Third year of employment
   (once a year)
 Inner workings of the company
 Office regulations
 Technical handbooks
 Safety regulations
 Basic sales Other
(3)Equipment Maintenance Training  All Vehicles  Mechanical Structure
 Basic Maintenance
 Maintenance Points
 Regular Maintenance and Record Keeping (Safety Checks/Disassembly Checks)
(4)Technological/Skills Training    On The Job Training and Guidance
(5)On-Going Training  Employees new to the current work site  Current work site information
 Risk Factors and Counter-measures through Risk Assessment
 Regulations applicable to current work place
Safety and Hygiene Management System
Safety and Hygiene Policy
 P Plan
 D Do
 C Check
 A Act
Fundamentals of Management System
Annual Events
Safety and Hygiene Committee
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